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Experience, skill & passion never go out of style.

When it comes to purchasing or maintaining a Mercedes-Benz, few places in Australia have the depth of experience you’ll find here at Peter Lennox. Our team of specialists have been passionate advocates of the marque for decades now and continue to build their technical knowledge of the brand every day.

Our business has been successfully serving Mercedes-Benz owners (and aspiring owners) for over 28 years for a few very good reasons.

Between our very stable and experienced team of specialists, we have an encyclopaedic knowledge of almost every Mercedes-Benz passenger car. We’re less glamorous than a typical franchise dealership, so we make up for this with our levels or service, treating all of our clients with honesty, respect and patience.

All of our pre-owned cars are properly checked and fully serviced in our workshop right next door, before being delivered to their new owners and we always charge fairly and more often than not, save our clients a small fortune on servicing and parts.

Most importantly, we never forget that our clients pay our wages and that they’ll always be our best form of advertising.

Find your next Mercedes-Benz at Peter Lennox.


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