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2012 Mercedes-Benz B180 BlueEFFICIENCY Auto

Just $19,990 Driveaway!

If you get excited looking at this car, then I’m guessing you probably don’t get out much. It isn’t swoopy, it’s not very fast and it won’t make you attractive to the opposite sex (unless they’re looking for a breeder). However, if practicality, fuel efficiency and safety get you going, then perhaps this is your dream car.

My wife drives a B-Class and she loves it. Not likes it. LOVES it. And as much as it pains me, I kind of see the appeal, too. It feels bigger on the inside than the outside (that used to be Honda’s USP with the older Civics), it’s easy to see out of and just so easy to drive.

It’ll use as little as 4.9 litres per 100 km on the highway, it’ll seat five and their luggage with ease. And at $19,990, this might just be the dream car you’ve been looking for.

Each of our quality used Mercedes-Benz vehicles are presented fully serviced (logbook service, not just an oil change) and workshop prepared by our team of experienced Mercedes-Benz mechanics. Buy with confidence from Melbourne’s largest independent Mercedes-Benz dealer since 1986.

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Extra peace of mind also available.

For some extra peace of mind, ask us about our comprehensive extended warranty options, available on selected cars. With a range of coverage options and at prices that make good sense, our extended warranties remove any uncertainty you may have about your next purchase.

We’ve worked with Integrity for some time, and have been impressed with their speedy service. They offer cover for all major components and have plans for just about every car regardless of age or kilometres driven. They also offer special deals just for vehicles purchased from Peter Lennox Automotive. Download their coverage table.

The best place to purchase a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz is from Peter Lennox.

Great Facilities
Great Facilities Just like our clients' cars, we take pride in our facilities.

Each of our quality used Mercedes-Benzes are presented fully serviced (logbook service, not just an oil change) and workshop prepared by our team of highly experienced Mercedes-Benz mechanics. You can buy with complete confidence from Melbourne’s largest independent Mercedes-Benz dealer, dealing exclusively in Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles for over 28 years.

We’re a group of Benz specialists with decades of experience. We know what we’re doing and we take pride in doing it well. In fact, most of our mechanics own and drive Mercedes Benzes themselves, demonstrating their genuine passion for the marque. When you purchase a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz from Peter Lennox, you’re not just buying a beautiful car, you’re buying peace of mind.

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