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300SEL 6.3 & 450SEL 6.9 Meet for Coffee!

What’s this? 

A 300SEL 6.3 & a 450 SEL 6.9 together? 

It can’t be? Maybe at a concourse? 

No, right here at Peter Lennox Automotive in Thomastown, Victoria, AUSTRALIA!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, these absolute behemoths of their time have met up for coffee in our Thomastown showroom for your viewing pleasure!

This is not something you’ll see again anytime soon!

Both are classics in their own right, built by Mercedes-Benz to be the absolute flagships of their class, with unprecedented technology and performance in their time.

We can produce this special meet for you to enjoy due to Peter’s passion for all things Mercedes!

You see, at Peter Lennox Automotive, we don’t only sell & service Mercedes cars; we love them! Peter is the encyclopedia Britannica of Mercede knowledge, and he is always stating facts and figures of interest to any customer who has a passion for automobiles.

So next time you are in Thomastown, or looking for your next Mercedes-Benz, stop by and have a chat… you are sure to learn something new about Mercedes-Benz!… and drive away in a real gem!

Enjoy the gallery below!

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