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Car of the Week 18/12/23

2006 E63 AMG W211 • JUST $36,990 Drive Away • ONLY 170,733 KM’s • COLUMBITE BLACK • MODERN AMG CLASSIC!

The 2006 E63 AMG W211 is highly regarded for its potent 6.2-liter V8 engine, boasting an impressive 378 kW (507 horsepower) and delivering a substantial 630 Nm of torque. This robust powerplant not only propels the sedan with exhilarating speed but also contributes to its enduring reputation for high-performance driving dynamics.

This week’s featured Car of the Week is a stellar representation of the impending AMG classic! In its factory configuration, it stands as the ideal vehicle to stow away, allowing it to appreciate in value amid the electric automotive wave. The naturally aspirated V8, a true engineering masterpiece is the star of the show here.

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