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Dear customers, 

In light of the announced Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria, our used Mercedes-Benz sales and spare parts shops will be closed from the 13th of February to the 18th of February (possibly longer) 2021.

You can browse and view all our cars from the safety of your home or office!

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12am 13/2/21-12am 18/2/21
Possibly longer

Spare Parts – Closed

Car Sales – Closed

Workshop 8am-5pm Mon-Fri (1 mechanic only) – Open to providing essential & critical vehicle repairs including routine maintenance to essential workers within our 5km radius.

Are you part of this current cluster? Have you travelled overseas/interstate/Victoria in the last 14 days, have/had any flu like symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, temperature, shortness of breath) and/or been exposed to a known person carrying the virus (including yourself)?
PLEASE DO NOT ENTER OUR PREMISES – Please go home & isolate.

Workshop customer information

-Unfortunately, all customers cannot wait while their vehicle is undergoing emergency repairs or servicing on site. Contactless dropping off & picking up your vehicle in the car park will occur.
No walk-ups. You will be directed to book your vehicle in at another time & asked to leave our premises.
-Face masks to be worn at all times.
-Sanitising of hands or wearing gloves is highly recommended before entering the office.

-1.5 metres between staff & customers at all times, stay behind the lines where indicated, maximum of 4 people in the office at one time if needed. Please use common sense & please respect our staff & other customers.

-You can travel more than 5kms from your home to obtain the necessary goods & services if it is not reasonably practicable for you to obtain them in your 5km zone.
Customers, please note that Peter Lennox Automotive is doing all we can to prevent the spread of any virus.

-Staff to wash their hands every hour for 30 seconds, as well as when arriving to work, 1 person at a time, no lining up (or wear gloves).
-No staff member is to touch a customer’s vehicle when dropped off until our workshop manager has cleaned & sanitised it.
-Red flag – the vehicle has been cleaned & sanitised by our workshop manager for our staff to commence work on.
Green flag – the vehicle is cleaned & sanitised by our workshop manager for our customers to pick up.
-Staggered morning tea & lunch breaks.
-A COVID Safe Plan has been implemented within our workplace on how we have prepared for, & will respond to, a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.
-A workplace attendance register is in place for any person who attends our workplace for a period of more than 15 minutes.

Any questions? Please call us on 9465 0350.

Service Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm | Sat: Closed
Open to providing essential & critical vehicle repairs including routine maintenance to essential workers within our 5km radius.

Sales Showroom Hours

Mon-Fri: Closed| Sat: Closed

Sales Online Showroom Hours

Open 24 hours – Please email your enquiry!

Spare Parts Hours

Mon-Fri: Closed | Sat: Closed

Contactless Service / Workshop Drop off / Pickup procedure:

Due to Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria, we must implement contactless pickup and drop off procedures for all our customers. No customer is allowed to enter our premises for payment, pick up or drop off and physical interaction must strictly be limited.

Drop off Procedures:

  1. Please enter our service car park and park your vehicle in any of the free parking bays.
  2. Call 03 9465 0350 once parked and provide your vehicle’s registration
  3. Our service staff will confirm your booking details and go over your required repairs and any other work required
  4. Please leave your keys in the vehicle and exit the vehicle
  5. One of our staff will come to greet you and start the disinfection procedures on your vehicle, once this is done the car will be moved into our workshop

No customers will be permitted to enter our premises and physical interaction must be limited so we recommend you have a taxi or alternative transport to get you home etc.

Pick up Procedures:

  1. Please call to make payment for your repair/service before coming to pick up your vehicle, payments must be made and cleared before the vehicle is released
  2. Confirm a pickup time so we can arrange to have your car disinfected and ready for pickup
  3. Enter our service car park and locate your vehicle
  4. Please call 03 9465 0350 to confirm your arrival
  5. Our service staff will come out and place the keys in your vehicle
  6. You may now enter your vehicle and drive away.

Following the above procedures will ensure we operate a contactless pickup and drop off service for your vehicle and maintain the safety of our staff and customers!

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