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Here at Peter Lennox Automotive, we care about Mercedes cars, but we care even more about our customers! With the current COVID-19 situation everyone is extra cautions about cleaning and sanitising their vehicles and environment.

We have always recommended a deodorising and sanitising treatment with your scheduled service, but now we are offering this treatment

We want to protect our customers and their cars so that we keep seeing them coming back again and again!

Why should you get a deodorising treatment?
Over time fungi and bacteria can form on your vehicles air conditioner, filters and filtration system. These can spread germs and odours throughout your Mercedes.

How does it work?
A deodorising treatment works by disinfecting, protecting and deodorising your air conditioner system. It contains anti-bacterial mechanisms that act upon fungal enzymes. It leaves a protective coating that helps prevent the re-growth of bacteria and fungi. The sanitisation agent will also work to help prevent odours from reoccurring for many months.

Works in combination with your cabin filter!
Your cabin filter must also be regularly cleaned and replaced if necessary as your air conditioning systems needs a clean cabin air filter to keep your car fresh and odour free.

We are now deodorising & sanitising every car serviced and every car that arrives in our used Mercedes-Benz showroom!

Please contact us for more information about this treatment.

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