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The importance of Cooling System checks!

We all know that Melbourne can have four seasons in one day (or one hour) and summer often brings with it dry and hot days, sometimes well over 40 degrees!

These high temperatures increase the operating temperatures of your Mercedes engine and add extra load on your cars cooling and airconditioning systems. A well maintained cooling system is critical to keeping your Mercedes engine operating safely and efficiently.

If the cooling system fails, it can often lead to very costly repairs.

You can do some quick checks yourself, such as popping the bonnet and making sure the coolant is at the correct level.

(Please remember that your cooling system should never be filled with water alone, the inner parts of your engine reach temperatures that a well beyond the boiling point of water. The proper cooling mixture has a higher temperature resistance which prevents it from boiling.)

The coolant in your radiator is just one part of the cooling system in your Mercedes.

Your hoses, connections, fans, water pump, drive belts and more should all be checked before summer to ensure trouble-free motoring.

Here at Peter Lennox Automotive, we are your “one-stop-shop” for all Mercedes passenger car repairs, service and parts!

Did you know that we can check and service your cooling system to make sure your Mercedes is ready for the hot summer ahead?

We can carry out all the required checks to ensure your cooling system is working correctly and fix any areas that might need attention.

What about your airconditioning system?
It’s a crucial part of your cars comfort features and keeps you and your passengers fresh on those hot summer days.

We have the specialised equipment and tools to service your air conditioning system and even re-gas the unit with the correct Mercedes approved gas.

If your Mercedes is not due for its service before the summer ends, give us a call to book a cooling and airconditioning system check!

These preventative checks can save you a lot of time and money in summer when your precious Mercedes is under most pressure!