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Seeking passionate apprentices like these guys!

A Career in the automotive trade is a challenging and rewarding one!… and well paid, but more about that later!

Let’s dispel the general misconception that working as a mechanic is greasy, dirty and hard yakka work on the tools in a dirty environment! While this might have been the case 15 or 20 years ago… in recent times and in workshops like ours, it’s a totally different story!

While you may get your hands dirty occasionally, most of the work is very technical and computerised!

Current-day mechanics are highly skilled technicians working with the latest computerised equipment and machinery. Highly advanced vehicles like Mercedes-Benz require specialized tooling and knowledge, which can only be learned by listening and learning from experienced Mercedes mechanics.

Typical day
Typical day Apprentices learn on all Mercedes models, new and old!
Engine failure
Engine failure The bearing has welded onto the crankshaft!
Luckily at Peter Lennox Automotive, we have Australia’s best Mercedes mechanics. With a combined 200+ years of Mercedes experience in our workshop, no one knows your Mercedes better than us!

Our apprentices are guaranteed to succeed and thrive in their “automotive technician” careers by learning from our mechanics.

But, there is always a but…. We Need More Apprentices! ‘

We are seeking passionate and motivated apprentices to start their careers with us!

We are noticing that our industry is quickly running out of experienced, qualified and properly trained mechanics. The sort of mechanics that have worked on Mercedes vehicles for most of their careers and are passionate about the cars they service and repair!

Meet Tom & Grayson, our third-year apprentices who will shortly be completing their apprenticeships!

You’re looking at two very smart guys, they started their apprenticeships with Peter Lennox over two years ago and have been absorbing all the knowledge and experience that our seasoned Mercedes mechanics have on offer!

Working on both basic and advanced repairs and servicing, these two have seen both new and old Mercedes cars in our workshop. Unlike other workshops around town, our seasoned Mercedes mechanics challenge and support Tom & Grayson so that they learn about the trade and gain lifelong skills.

Well into their apprenticeships, these two will be rewarded with very well-paid work, yes, mechanics earn a lot more than one might think!

Let’s see what they say about doing their apprenticeship with Peter Lennox Automotive.


Tom is very passionate about the automotive trade, it’s a hobby for him and he always knew he would be a mechanic like his dad before him!

Let’s learn a bit more about Tom and his apprenticeship with us!

Q. What’s it like working as an apprentice mechanic? 

Really good, I enjoy the trade, and this career is a passion of mine. It’s a hobby of mine, and I thought, why not have a career you love?

Q. Why did you want to become a mechanic? 

My dad was a mechanic, and I always knew I’d like to be one too. It runs in the family, and I love it.

Q. What is your dream car?

A series 1 Mazda RX7, late 70’s or early 80’s one. My dad owned one, and it’s very special to me.

Q. What is your favourite Mercedes?

W211 E55, its a monster and has timeless styling.

Q. What are you currently driving? 

I have a W203 C320 Mercedes that is Silver. I also just purchased a W164 ML320, which I’m doing up!

Tom (3)

Q. What’s the most challenging repair or task you’ve had to carry out?

The computer diagnostics and problem-solving required is often challenging, but I find it engrossing and exciting to find problems that might otherwise not be apparent.
I once worked on fixing the Airmatic Air suspension in a car, and the new replacement part I installed was faulty. This required a lot of troubleshooting, and it’s rare to get a brand-new part that is faulty. I had to problem solve, and finally, my process of elimination revealed that the new part was faulty too!
I can always ask the mechanics in the workshop for help if I have a problem I cannot fix easily, they are always there to help, and I learn a lot from them every week.

Q. What tools do you use, and have you got a favourite brand?

I’m currently using a Sidchrome toolbox which is doing me well, and I don’t yet have a favourite tool brand. I purchase various tools and use them when appropriate. If you get the right tools, they will last you for years.


Grayson loves Mercedes and cars in general! His dream car is a Mercedes, and he is very glad to have chosen an automotive trade for his career!

Let’s learn a bit more about Grayson and his apprenticeship with us!

Q. What’s it like working as an apprentice mechanic? 

It’s challenging and very busy! I have learned so much more about cars than I knew before, it’s one thing loving cars but the next level is when you start to know them inside out!

Q. Why did you want to become a mechanic? 

I’ve always loved cars since I was young, so when I was looking for career options this was a no-brainer. The opportunity came about and I took it.

Q. What is your dream car?

My achievable dream car is a W210 E55! I’m working my to getting one and will have another dream car one I get it!

Q. What is your favourite Mercedes?

As above, W210 E55 for now!

Q. What are you currently driving? 

I drive a mint W210, which I have restored myself. One of the advantages of working here is you can get cars very cheap sometimes and then you repair them yourself.

Grayson (3)

Q. What’s the most challenging repair or task you’ve had to carry out?

I think the most challenging work early on was working on timing chains. They can be a challenge when you’re a new apprentice. With the help of the mechanics here I now find them much easier and don’t need much help!

Q. What tools do you use, and have you got a favourite brand?

Peter was really good and let me use the workshop toolbox which I’m slowly outgrowing but still using! I don’t have a preferred brand as yet but mostly purchase when there is a good special on etc. I have quite a few Gearwrench tools which have been great to use.

Start your apprenticeship now! 

These fine lads took their first career move three years ago and are now very close to becoming professionals in their trade!

They will soon have a well-paid career, work in a clean and professional environment, and learn from Australia’s best Mercedes mechanics!

Oh, and they are even driving Mercedes cars now. Is that true passion for the brand?

Becoming a Peter Lennox Automotive apprentice and access all these perks and cheap Mercedes cars you can fix up and enjoy as your own!

We are actively seeking an apprentice to start with us! Please get in touch via this link: