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Training your next Mercedes-Benz specialist!

There are many mechanics and service centres in Melbourne, but few have the years of experience and knowledge that our Mercedes-Benz specialists do!

We know that finding a mechanic to service your prized Mercedes-Benz can be a challenging and sometimes stressful task. Do you trust them? Will they carry out the service or repairs to factory specifications? What products (oils, filters) will they use, and are the parts they supply Genuine?

These are just some of the thoughts that run through our customer’s minds when searching for a service centre that will maintain their Mercedes without the exorbitant costs of the dealership.

And what about the mechanics and service specialists that work there? We are noticing that our industry is quickly running out of experienced, qualified and properly trained mechanics. The sort of mechanics that have worked on Mercedes vehicles for most of their careers and are passionate about the cars they service and repair!

So what can be done about it?
We believe giving our young apprentices a fair go and training them alongside the best Mercedes-Benz mechanics in the country is a good start!

Did you know that we have over 200 years of combined Mercedes-Benz experience in our workshop? Most of our mechanics and Mercedes-Benz service specialists have been working on Mercedes vehicles for their entire careers!
I doubt you would find this type of expertise in any dealership in Australia!

Meet Calum, our third-year apprentice who is completing the final year of his apprenticeship! Calum and has been absorbing all the knowledge and experience that our seasoned Mercedes mechanics have on offer!

He was in the top three finalists nominated for apprentice of the year, not an easy task to accomplish!

His passion for Mercedes-Benz runs strong in the family, having grown up around Mercedes autos. He worked hard to buy his first car, a 2008 W211 E280 E Class that would be the envy of any apprentice!

His favourite Mercedes is the 1997 CLK GTR, and his dream car is the C63 Black Series W204 Coupe! Great taste there, Calum!

You know that your mechanic is serious about his work when he invests over 30K in his tools! Calum is proud of his SNAP-ON tools, which have cost him a small fortune but will surely serve him well for years to come!

Experience comes from practice, and working on a difficult job was precisely what Peter Lennox felt Calum was ready to do.

One of Peters classics, a W124 E220 was due for some tender love and care, with a head rebuild and new wiring loom on the menu.

Such a job is no easy task even for an experienced mechanic, but it’s the perfect job for Calum. By working on jobs like these, he will gain the experience and knowledge he must obtain to finish his apprenticeship and start his career!

Peter trusted him with this critical job, and we are pleased to report the E220 started up the first time and is now running better than ever!

Calum said the job required a lot thinking, referencing material and taking a step-back without rushing the work. He completed the job with only slight advice from Peter and the other mechanics, which is a testament to his training over the last three years at Peter Lennox Automotive!

Peter Lennox is doing his part in training the next generation of Mercedes-Benz mechanics, one apprenticeship at a time!

So next time you are looking for a mechanic to service or repair your cherished Mercedes, come and say hello to Calum and the team!