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Classic Collectables at Peter Lennox Automotive

Classic Collectables at
Peter Lennox Automotive

The Mercedes cars sold at Peter Lennox Automotive are always in exemplary condition, fully serviced and ready for delivery to their new owners.

Peter prides himself on finding Australia’s best stock and making it available to his customers in Victoria or anywhere in Australia for that matter. He picks the unique, special and desirable Mercedes models and always ensures they are guaranteed to make his customers smile from ear to ear!

C63 AMG W204



E63 AMG W212

E500 W211

This is the Peter Lennox difference, you get great value cars and honest down to earth service and advice on your purchase.

But what you also get is Australia’s best range of Classic Collectable Mercedes-Benz, handpicked by Peter & Cameron.

Peter & Cameron have proven time and time again that they have a particular knack for finding Australia’s best Classic Collectables, or future collectables if you must be specific.

The large displacement AMG and V8 model Mercedes fall into this category and with production moving to 4 cylinder engines in the near future, these very desirable models will only go up in value and become true collectable Mercedes cars.

E55 AMG W211


Looking back at some of these beautiful cars you start to notice a trend…

They are always unique, low mileage, in showroom condition and sometimes special edition models that will only appreciate in value and reward the owner for years to come.

CLS500 C218


Peter & Cameron are always on the hunt for these [future] classics, so while they aren’t available every week when they do appear you are best to make a quick call and speak to the guys as you are guaranteed to drive away with a very special Mercedes Collectable!



Get in touch on 03 9465 0350,

or sales@peterlennox.com.au

420SEL W126


CLK430 W208

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